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It would be a surprise if you haven’t heard of “KHIAPIA.COM”!!
And true to its hype, the khiapia.com chain has a huge customer base in Bhubaneswar & periphery, with most of them making their orders over the phone and online. To be one of the best delivery-food chain since the 19TH smart city of the World, Bhubaneswar-Cuttack needs to have healthier options and a diverse menu. Established in 2019 as offline stores , we have made massive strides and now boast over more than 13,000 eateries twin-city wide.

khiapia.com is one of the finest and trustworthy food delivery chain with the best food delivering promises, founded in Bhubaneswar in 2020 as a start-up with the dream of 10 experienced and expert professionals, which has designed to allow customers to search for processed food & groceries from local takeaway best spots. The company now currently covers twin cities in beginning (Bhubaneswar & Cuttack) for its operation, and tied-ups with more than 1200 food &
grocery vendors across the assigned area.

Best Online Services And Accessibility :

There has been a greater awareness for healthy food which has led ‘khiapia.com’ to the appearance of Healthy food chains around Odisha. On-demand, Our food delivery services are gaining prominence over the recent times. Thanks to our convenience service and easy accessibility.

Due to the hectic lifestyles, consumers can easily request for food delivery services from khiapia.com through website or mobile app.Our popularity on-demand, food delivery services include a range of varieties. That allow users to compare menus, prices, and several reviews provided by us.

With Our nifty slogan “Khao Pure, Ruha Sure” is a huge hit as per quality services. The allure of its eateries lies in the fact that We offer many crust options and a variety of fresh toppings.

At khiapia, you can always expect to eat Fresh and to keep fresh within the budget. In the past half-century or so, delivery food chains have grown in numbers, reach, and revenue across India.

All because of one simple fact: People want tasty food, fast and cheap! Here we go: a quick visit to the list of our best online food items and grocery delivering services. We will keep updating the list with more options every day. Our food delivery services allow easy ordering, tracking, and payments which is making us popular among millennial day by day.
In simply, The Twin city would be a bit tasteless without us and your travelling would never be as
exciting without ‘khiapia’ ordered cuisines.


“What’s for dinner tonight?”
Whether that may be the question comes on a commute home or after a failed attempt at a dinner, we offer consumers around the twin-city to turn on to our food delivery web portal & apps to get their grub more than ever. There has been a greater awareness for healthy food which has led to the appearance of KHIAPIA.COM around the Twin-city.


With a great deal of competition in the market, You will find our service vendors are innovative and eager to explore ways to incentive customers. Those who have done it brilliantly will continue to remain as our key players. Strategies such as flat delivery fees, and special discounts or promotions. Both used to both acquire new customers and retain existing ones. Vendors are working to offer additional choices and customisation options to satisfy khiapia’s customers.

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